GCMAF activates macrophage to destroy cancer cells, bacteria and viruses. GCMAf boosts our immune system and our treatment goals include”:
There is a limit to the amount of alcohol anyone can process in a given time (approximately 1oz. per hour).
Therapeutic ultrasound operates at frequencies between 1 and 3 MHz in continuous mode.
The chromosomes in our cell nuclei carry a large part of genetic information in the...
Naltrexone has been shown to help heroin and alcohol addicts kick the habit. But, in much smaller doses, it holds
Without Chlorophyll there is no Life and without light there is no life. The fact that chlorophyll is not only
It is with great delight, and enthusiasm, that I would like to let you know that my practice now is
NADH: One Of The Most Important Coenzymes
Life requires energy. Our cells need energy to stay alive. Without energy a cell dies because energy production represents the
It’s designed to keep you healthy and fight off infection, but it can go terribly wrong. Autoimmune diseases are caused
It is becoming more noticeable how many people are suffering with sleep issues, including myself. Why is this
Glutamine: One of the Most Important Amino Acids
Glutamine has a simple beginning. In 1883, researchers discovered its structure from two unlikely sources
Some of the risk factors that increase one’s risk for breast cancer include: positive family history, young menarche 55, obesity,
Motor Neuron Disease, also known as ALS, is a progressive, degenerative, neuromuscular disease that
New dietary trends include fat in your diet. This is old news indeed, but seems to have been forgotten!
Do we need to take vitamins and nutraceuticals and other essential nutrients like essential omega 3 &
The hormones used must be identical to those found naturally in the body. This includes progesterone
As a specialist physician in private practice I have done many insurance medicals to declare people “medically
Protecting your vital organs – your heart, brain, lungs, liver and kidneys – will ensure your longevity. The secret