Improve Well Being and Quality of Life with GC BOOST

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Improve Well Being and Quality of Life with GC BOOST

GcMAF is a naturally made molecule and is not patentable, though its manufacturing process is patent protected. There is no evidence of any current effort to commercialize this therapy or put it into practice. Should such an effective treatment for cancer come into common practice, the income stream from health-insurance plans for every oncology office and cancer center in the world would likely be reduced to the point of financial insolvency and hundreds of thousands of jobs would be eliminated. Up to this point, the National Cancer Institute is totally silent on this discovery and there is no evidence the cancer care industry plans to quickly mobilize to use this otherwise harmless treatment.

Sadly, the treatment you have just read about is not available anywhere. Its inventor is attempting to patent a version of it to profiteer off of it even though there is no need to improve upon the GcMAF molecule – – it worked without failure to completely cure four different types of cancer with no long-term remissions and without side effect. While GcMAF is produced by every healthy adult, there are no centers available to extract it from blood samples and inject it into patients with malignancies. Hopefully, someday, doctors will write protocols to do this and submit them to institutional review boards so GcMAF treatment can be performed on an experimental basis. GcMAF is a naturally-made molecule that cannot be patented. This article was written to reveal that there are proven cancer cures that go unused.

GCMAF activates macrophage to destroy cancer cells, bacteria and viruses.      GCMAf boosts our immune system and our treatment goals include”:

  • Improve well being and quality of life
  • Return the patient to good health so that they are able to partiiape in regular lifestyle activities
  • Achieve long term survival
  • Enhance the effects of other therapies
  • Repair the immune system
  • Increase the number of monocytes and activate them to destroy cancer cells, viruses, bacteria and other pahogens in the body

Increase the rate of maturation of dendritic cells

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