Meet The Therapists

Briony Botha

Owner and Founder of Trinity Health – GPACT certified Advanced Therapist, GPACT certified Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist, Cololavage certified Clinical Therapist, GPACT Awareness Ambassador for South Africa, N.Dip Nutrition (SNHS)

Briony is the owner and founder of Trinity Health. She has dedicated more than 15 years of her life to the study and practice of colon therapy both as a therapist, trainer and mentor.  Briony’s extensive knowledge of supplements, natural therapies and their applications make her a valuable resource. Briony is a Nutritionist and nutrition plays a major role in her practice of colon therapy.

“I believe colonic therapy may be one of the most powerful natural therapies ever practiced. In my many years of experience I have seen the health of many blossom with the addition of colonics into their lives. Many people who come to us, cannot believe that they could have a life without constipation or IBS, but find that not only is this possible, but probable. I love colonics for so many reasons, they are safe, effective and contrary to popular belief very easy to do. A drug free therapy that sorts out most digestive issues? who could ask for More!”

A little about Briony’s Trinity Health Centre

Trinity Health is a specialist COLON HYDROTHERAPY (also known as colon irrigation or colon cleanse) centre. We specialise in providing state of the art colon hydrotherapy treatments in a safe and highly professional environment.

Our Centre in Houghton Estate Johannesburg, South Africa is equipped with state of the art Colon Irrigation/Cleanse systems. Our systems are the very latest technology in Colon Irrigation devices with pressure and temperature control that is unrivaled, while combining the best of “gravity system’s control with “pressurised system’s safety”. Your safety is our primary concern.

We strive to provide services that are both value for money and exceptional in quality and offer many individualised and standard programmes to assist you in achieving your best digestive health.

Our therapists are the best in the business, all certified through the Global Professional Assocation for Colon Therapists, Briony Botha is the only Clinically Certified Colon therapist in the country.

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Kiara Ducasse & Ethan Ducasse

Co-Founders of SynerChi Organics


Our vision – Feeding your body the nutrition it deserves!

SynerChi Organics was born in the Ducasse brothers’ kitchen, with super food powders clouding the air. It all started with some experiments & simple questions:

  • Why does being healthy have to be so complicated?
  • Is there any health brand you can really trust to be reliable, honest & healthy?
  • Is there a fast growing need for education & availability on real nutritious foods?
  • Do we believe the health claims marketed by the big food companies?

and the end result, Synerchi Organics Superfood, the greatest tasting proteins & nutritional foods blended with the finest, purest ingredients, packed with love & energy. There are no hidden ingredients, preservatives, additives or GMO’s & no inflated claims. They deliver pure nutrition & truthful nutritional support, with love & without the jargon.

Synerchi Organics vision is to encourage generations to make a conscious shift towards a healthier lifestyle, by providing our bodies with an abundance of premium quality, nutrient dense, super food products that replenish our bodies every nutritional needs. Synerchi Organic products is a nutrient rich food replacement & the way to living a more balanced, healthier lifestyle. Ensuring your body is enriched with the purest nutrition using nature’s most potent foods combinations.

Blending premium super food products, some imported & others local, SynerChi Organics have formulated a range of unique, nutrient dense, high protein products combining nature’s purest ingredients, helping you to achieve optimum physical performance & recovery.

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Xenia Ayiotis

Certified Life Coach, Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Mindful Eating Coach


Overcome Obesity with The Art To Mindful Eating!

Xenia Ayiotis is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Mindful Eating Coach. She is in private practice and facilitates 8 week programmes and workshops on how to achieve a balanced, respectful, healthy and joyful relationship with food and eating using Mindfulness Based Intuitive Eating.

Xenia helps people break free of the diet cycle, recover from binge eating and overeating to feel comfortable in their bodies and eat intuitively so that they can be at peace with food and create a healthy and balanced relationship with food, eating and their bodies.

Join Xenia and learn how to develop healthy eating habits, overcome obesity, beat yo-yo dieting and become the person you want to be.

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