Organic Anti-Aging Complex with Telomerase-Activators

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What are Telomeres?

The chromosomes in our cell nuclei carry a large part of genetic information in the form of DNS. In order to maintain proper cell functioning they must be protected. This task is performed by the so-called telomeres. They are the ends of chromosomes and thus the protective caps of our genetic material.

With each cell division these ends wear off and are gradually getting shorter.


The shortening of telomeres is primarily caused by external factors such as our lifestyle (stress, lack of exercise etc.) and environmental toxins. A complete loss of the caps prevents the cell from dividing. The cell dies and the aging process begins.


The discovery of Telomerase as a fountain of youth

For exploring this relationship between telomere length and lifespan, the US medical team of Professor Elizabeth Blackburn was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2009. However, they went one step further and finally made the observation that a special enzyme, the telo-merase, lengthens telomeres before each cell division and thus compensates for telomere loss.

What is TeloActive+ and how does it work?
The enzyme telomerase is indeed present in almost all cells of the body, but in a “switched-off state” and therefore has to be activated in order to be effective.

TeloActive+ ist a newly developed Telomere supplement for the activation of telomerase and the extension of telomeres.

The therapy aims at all the central mechanisms of telomere shortening, e.g., loss of the enzyme telomerase, oxidative stress or inflammation.

There are two formulas available: TeloActive+ Day and TeloActive+ Night.
Besides telomerase activators, both versions contain valuable vitamins and minerals that have been carefully selected to complement each other.

TeloActive+ Day helps you to start the day with energy and a focused mind.

  • Gingko Biloba is known as a mood enhancer and includes a large number of flavonoids. These secondary plant substances protect cell membranes and contribute to the health of body cells. In addition, Ginko improves blood circulation as well as overall performance and concentration.
  • Astaxanthin is considered a super antioxidant because it protects the cells effectively against free radicals and harmful environmental influences and thus prevents cell damage and premature cell aging. Astaxanthin can soften wrinkles and impurities and moisturize the skin. In addition, it has a positive effect on blood pressure and the cardiovascular system.
  • Echinacea stimulates the body’s immune system and prevents bacterial and viral infections as well as colds. It strengthens the mucous membranes and can alleviate allergies. By stimulating the lymph system, Echinacea helps the body to detoxify.
  • Resveratrol belongs to the group of polyphenols and is considered an anti-aging active ingredient. It contributes to bone health and prevents cholesterol from accumulating on vessel walls. By activating certain enzymes it can also increase energy utilization and prevent overweight.
  • Green Tea Extract acts deacidifying. It stimulates the metabolism and has invigorating effects. The main catechin of the green tea extract, the epigallo-catechingallate (EGCG) is an effective antioxidant and has the ability to reduce blood glucose in-crease after meals. The pyrroloquinolinquinone (PQQ or methoxatin) which is found in green tea, contributes to the improvement of the mitochondrial function and gives you an additional energy boost. It is able to both grow and repair the mitochondria. Mitochondria convert food into energy and are therefore regarded as “power plants of the cell“.
  • Maritime Bark Extract contains phenols that have strong anti-inflammatory properties and can alleviate (painful) inflammation. Besides catechins, it has a very high proportion of oligomeric procyanidines (OPC). OPC is a powerful antioxidant, which contributes to the health of blood vessels through its collagen-repairing effect.

In addition, the vitamins B12, B9 (folic acid) and B6 support cell division and cell growth, the function of the nervous and cardiovascular system as well as the body’s defenses.


The night formula TeloActive+ Night prepares you for the next day. Its plant substances supply the body overnight with important nutrients that are needed for regeneration and relaxation.

  • Ashwagandha belongs to the most important medicinal plants of Ayurvedic Medicine and has a soothing effect. It inhibits the production of stress hormones and helps against nervousness, exhaustion and avolition.
  • Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme that can be found in almost all living cells. It protects the body against free radical damage and especially against the so-called superoxides. Superoxides are the most common and most dangerous free oxygen radicals and a crucial element of cell metabolism. They damage cells and determine their aging. SOD may reduce morning stiffness and pain associated with arthrosis.
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTTP) is an amino acid and serves as a serotonin supplier. Serotonin, our ”happiness hormone”, is involved in the regulation of numerous body processes. When binding to certain receptors it affects the contraction of blood vessels in the cardiovascular system. It also regulates our intestinal movements. Without serotonin we are mentally labile.

Low serotonin levels have very negative effects and are associated with depression, fibromyalgia and insomnia. 5-HTP can reduce sensations of hunger and contribute to weight loss.

  • Bacopa Monnieri has anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective properties. Its bacosides improve the signal transmission between brain synapses and increase memory capacity. They also protect the brain from cell damage. Because of its active ingredient Hersaponin Bacopa Monnieri has a relaxing effect.
  • CoQ10 supports the health of skin cells, regulates blood pressure and improves cholesterol and fat levels. As an antioxidant it also protects against free radicals and thus retards aging processes.

The night version contains the anti-aging vitamin E and vitamin D3. The latter is absorbed in the body from sunlight and contributes to maintaining a normal bone and muscle function. Magnesium taurate has a muscle-relaxing effect and helps the body to rest overnight.

The epigenetic effect of these ingredients reduces the risk of inflammation and DNS damage. It protects our cells, stem cells and ultimately our DNS from oxidative stress and supports the natural repair mechanisms of our genes.

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