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Dr Craige Golding and his team of Integrative Doctors, at 65 Central street Houghton (www.drcgolding.co.za), focus not  merely on treating disease, but also addressing the cause of diseases and preventing the degenerative processes of aging.      The centre offers antiaging and regenerative medical consutations, specializing in the degenerative processes of aging in the human body.     Therapy is individualised and comprehensive and not based on symptomatology alone, enhancing health and not merely keeping you from disease.     The approach  integrates scientifically researched natural medicines, nutraceuticals, bioidentical hormones, nutraceutical supplementation and dietary modifications to restore balance and provide healing.   Essential to this wellness-based, preventive model, is the detection, as early as possible, of the signs and symptoms of disease processes before disease manifests.     Disease is far easier to prevent than to treat.


Services Offered :

  •  Full antiaging consultations
  •  Executive wellness comprehensive physical assessments
  • Diagniosis and personalised treatment recommendation
  • Full blood testing through Ampath laboratory and other labs
  • Customised bio-identical hormone replenishment
  • Chelation therapy
  • Intravenous nutrient therapy
  • Phospholipid exchange for chronic medical conditions
  • Nutraceutical supplementation
  • Brain chemical (neurotransmitter) assessment and normalisation
  • Genetic/dna testing that describes the cumulative risks of developing disease/disorders which have establishe underlying gentic risk, including single nucleotide polymorphism testing
  • Saliva testing on steroid hormones, which is the truest reflection of tissue levels
  • Sonar testing : abdominal/pelvic, uterine, carotid ultrasound


In addition :


The rate at which malignancies continue to increase throughout the world is both a cause for concern and a call to action. What is needed is a radical change in the way we think about, prevent and treat this disease.

Integrative cancer therapies focuses on alternatives and enhancements to current mainstream solutions and treatments to cancer.  Knowledge of these therapies allows the practitioner and ultimately the patient to make more informed choices regarding their treatment.

Emphasis is placed on two facets of integrative cancer therapy :

  • New thought processes regarding cancer therapy with focus on an integrative approach
  • Emerging therapies in integrative cancer

Some of the reasons for this rise in cancer, include :

  • altered dietary patterns (western diet)
  • non-whole food diets
  •  modern agricultural practices leading to altered growth conditions (nutrient loss)
  • new environmental exposures (pesticides, heavy metals, and other environmental toxins)
  • xenoestrogens in the environment that we are exposed to
  • the rise in obesity, clearly parallels the rise in cancer incidence
  • indoor lifestyle with inadequate vit d lebels
  • increasingly stressful lifestyles we lead
  • tobacco and alcohol use
  •  poor lifestyle measures including lack of exercise and lack of relaxation and stress management
  • increase in electromagnetic radiation form wireless internet connections, cell phones and microwaves for example



Cancer arises from a change in one single cell. This mutation of the cell’s DNA may be triggered by inherited genetic factors, however, it’s more likely caused by external agents brought on by humans themselves. We’re moving away from the traditional, wholesome diet towards a more Westernised menu of processed food that’s high in fat and sugar. The global rise in obesity clearly parallels the rise in cancer incidence, says the WHO. Our modern agricultural practices are leading to altered growing conditions and lower levels of nutrients in our soils. These days, everyone is exposed to a plethora of new environmental toxins, such as pesticides, heavy metals and xenoestrogens, compounds used in plastic and microwaveable goods that have “chemically-induced” estrogenic effects on every living organism. And if that isn’t enough, we continue to bombard our systems with electromagnetic radiation from wireless internet connections, cellphones and microwaves.

Our poor lifestyle choices are playing havoc too. We’ve definitely moved away from manual work to a more sedentary pace, reducing the amount of exercise we get and opening ourselves to vitamin D deficiency because of more time spent indoors. Also, our consumption of alcohol and tobacco is on the increase.[i] According to Dr Ahmedin Jemal, director of the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Occurrence Office, smoking is still a key culprit. “Smoking prevalence is decreasing in developed countries. So, as tobacco companies are losing market in developed countries they are trying to expand their market in developing countries,” he explains. The tobacco industry predicts a global expansion of the tobacco epidemic in the next few years. The biggest growth is expected to be in Zimbabwe, followed by Côte d’Ivoire, Brazil, Morocco, Venezuela, Pakistan, United Republic of Tanzania and Bangladesh.[ii]“If these current patterns continue, there will be 2 billion smokers worldwide by the year 2030, half of whom will die of smoking-related diseases if they don’t quit,” adds Jemal.



Some experts agree that many cancer deaths can be avoided through lifestyle changes and adopting the integrative approach. Integrative cancer treatment uses multiple modalities, including nutraceuticals, dietary treatments and mind-body techniques, in addition to the traditional therapy of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and possibly surgery.

Unfortunately, knowledge of the safety and effectiveness of many complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies is relatively new and limited; restricted for a number of reasons including regulatory and funding issues, and problems finding institutions and cancer researchers to work with on the studies. However, this is changing and CAM therapies have generally been reported to be safe and effective.[iii]

More and more people are turning to CAM therapies,particularly cancer patients. The 2007 National Health Interview Survey reported about 4 out of 10 adults had adopted CAM approaches that year.[iv] One large survey, conducted in 2008 among cancer survivors about the use of complementary therapies, found that almost 40% had followed specific diets complemented with nutritional supplements and vitamins.


CAM therapies are also used by 31-84% of children with cancer, both in and outside of clinical trials.[vi] They have been found to be specifically effective in the management of side effects caused by cancer treatment.

As such, a lot more research is taking place to evaluate CAM therapies for cancer, many sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (OCCAM).[vii] For example, several studies are examining the effects of nutraceuticals such as glutamine supplementation,[viii] omega-3 fatty acids,[ix] curcumin[x] and so forth on breast cancer patients.



Although nutrition plays an important role in the reduction of most chronic diseases, it’s not in the way that we originally thought. For years, experts told us to load up on fruits and vegetables to prevent cancer. However, in April 2010, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute took many people by surprise. It reported results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study, also known as the EPIC study, stating the effects that fruit and vegetable intake had on cancer risk was “weak at best”.[xi] Compared to the earlier estimates of a 50% risk reduction, the EPIC study researchers found that two servings’ worth of fruit and vegetables only lowered the risk by a modest 4%.

However, this doesn’t mean cancer patients must ditch the fruit and vegetables and start eating what they like, particularly as it’s known that obesity increases the risk of a number of different types of cancer. With hormonally driven cancers, such as breast cancer for example, obese patients have a worse prognosis than those with a healthy body mass index.[xii] Overall, a diet that emphasises various coloured fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and cold water fish that provide omega-3 fatty acids (fish eaters have a reduced risk of cancer) is the best nutritional strategy.[xiii] Other effective cancer-fighting nutrients are ginger, garlic, onions, turmeric and green tea.[xiv]

Conversely, the baddies to avoid whenever possible include refined carbohydrates; red meat; unpasteurised dairy products, which contain hormones; and high-heat cooking methods, as they boost the food’s carcinogenic compounds.[xv]



  • Monitor your vitamin D levels throughout the year and maintain a good balance
  • Control your insulin levels by limiting your intake of processed foods and sugar
  • Get appropriate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Get moving and exercise
  • Eat a wholesome, balanced diet and maintain an ideal body weight
  • Keep as calm as possible (many diseases are caused or  exacerbated by stressful emotions)
  • Get enough high-quality sleep
  • Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins and electromagnetic radiation
  • Boil, poach or steam your food, rather than frying or braaing.



  1. Detoxification therapies
  2. Coffee enemas
  3. Juicing
  4. Colonic hydrotherapy
  5. Infra red saunas
  6. Genetic studies / single nucleotide polymorphisms for prevention and treatment
  7. Nutritional advice
  8. Nutraceutical and natural medicine advice
  9. Medicinal mushroom and immune therapies
  10. Antioxidants and cancer treatments
  11. Tumor sensitivity testing for chemo and alternative therapies
  12. Ph manipulation techniques
  13. Oxygen therapies are outsourced
  14. Iv therapies such as high dose IV vit c, and other IV therapies
  15. Low dose naltrexone
  16. Holistic life counselling
  17. Psychologist support

When properly combined with standard cancer treatments, some complementary therapies can enhance wellness and quality of life, but others may be harmful during or after treatment for cancer. So, it’s essential that youconsult with your medical doctor before starting anything, as you would with any therapeutic approach. It’s also a good idea to become informed about the therapy, including whether the results of scientific studies support the claims that are made for it.

Low-Dose Naltrexone: A Possible Safe Effective Treatment for Autoimmune Disease and Cancer

  • Paul J. Battle, PA-C
  • Barolat Neuroscience (Denver, CO USA);
  • Boulder Longevity Institute (Boulder, CO USA)

Naltrexone is an opiate antagonist drug that has been used safely for 25 years in addiction medicine. Research has shown that in addition to its opiate antagonist properties at 50-300 mg per day dosages, it has immunoregulatory properties at dosages as low as 3.0 mg,

Low dose naltrexone (LDN) improves the clinical state of patients with autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Another impressive property of LDN is its ability to arrest cancer cell growth.

The remarkable fact is LDN can enhance the immune system for these two major disease classifications with little or no side effects. This paper will describe the science behind LDNs physiological mechanisms to reduce the effects of autoimmune disease and inhibit cancer cell growth.



We are proud that we put you and your health needs first by offering you personalised health and wellness solutions. Our practitioners prescribe these supplements not only to address your daily needs but also in a manner that will promote good changes in your body without the harmful side effects of drugs.

Our affordable range of nutraceuticals includes but is not limited to: Medford, Xymogen, Future Health, Metagenics, Lipolife, Synerchi Functional foods, as well as specially compounded products to meet your specific needs. This included but are not limited to products such as Antioxidants, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Skeletal Health, Men’s health, Gut and digestion health, Immune support, Pain and Inflammation, stress and adrenal support.

Moreover, we offer a delivery service at a charge for all domestic orders below R2000.00 regardless of where you are! To ensure that your order is processed efficiently just contact us on orders@craigegolding.co.za or 011 718 3004 so one of our friendly staff members can help you.

Not keen on taking too many supplements?

Well we do offer Nutritional Drips that are introduced straight into your blood stream and effective immediately. The formulas are Immune boosters, Anti-Ageing and High dose Vitamin C and Gluthatione which is a combination of 3 amino acids functioning as an anti-oxidant in body cells and skin health.

So you asking how do I get these natural and herbal supplements? It is advisable to consult with our knowledgeable health practitioners so that you can get a tailor made treatment plan. For diagnosis purposes, Doctor may have to conduct investigations such as Body Composition, Resting ECG, Bone Density, Stress ECG, Food sensitivity test, Urinalysis, H-Pylori Test, DNA and vital observations.

For bookings or any queries please contact our admin office on 011 718 3004 or email appointments@craigegolding.co.za