Candimex 60 Capsules – Yeast Infection Relief


Candimax by Biodosa (Pty) Ltd
Eliminates Yeast Infections & Restores A Good Balance

  • Relief from Yeast Infection
  • Kills Yeast
  • Detoxifies


Candimax Yeast Infection Relief

Candimex is a unique Yeast Infection Treatment and is a scientifically developed formula that can assist in restoring a good Lactobacillus balance an eliminating yeast overgrowth in the body. Candimex contains 11 active ingredients. Candimex has a 3 step action:

  1. Kills yeasts
  2. Eliminates the “die off” fragments of the yeast.
  3. Detoxifies the overload of the liver.

Candimex box contains 60 capsules.

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