Hemp Hearts – The Superior Quality Protein And Amino Acids Supplement


Hemp Hearts by Synerchi Organics
Superior raw nutrient rich super food

  •  Super plant protein
  • Assists weight management
  • Perfectly balanced omegas 3:1:1
  • Lowers cholesterol & regulates blood pressure
  • Increases metabolic management
  • Natural anti-infalmmatory
  • Contains CLA & GLA
  • Supports circulatory sytem
  • Promotes heart health


Hemp Hearts – The Superior Quality Protein And Amino Acids Supplement

Hemp Hearts has superior raw nutrition with a rich nutty flavor & a soft, chewy texture. The superior quality protein & amino acids supports the regeneration of muscle & tissue building, helping to accelerate recovery from exercise, benefiting general wellness, and assists in achieve optimal & mental performance. Hemp Hearts are rich in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals & has set a new standard in advanced core nutrition with the DNA of nature at its best. Hemp Hearts are nutritious, taste great & are easy to use


100% Organics Hemp Hearts (hulled hemp seeds)

Usage Directions

Eat them straight out the packet or sprinkle them on anything – cereals, smoothies, juices, deserts baked goods – the only limit is your imagination

Contains 1 kg


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Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg

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