Combination Niacin & Infra-Red, A Condensed Detox

A condensed detox based on the benefits of niacin sauna as well as Infra-red sauna is well established to detoxify, and to detoxify toxins stored in fat tissue. A wide array of poisons, including lead, heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins, glyphosate, and others  can be detoxified in this manner. This work is based on the work of Dr Linus Pauling, Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Fredrick Klenner,  Dr Andrew Saul and Dr George Yu, MD, and Dr Golding doing this detox protocol as outlined below.

The protocol is based on clinical trials, research and work and took Dr Yu’s protocol and modified after extensive experience with detoxification. We, at Dr Craige Golding Medical practice also embrace the use of activated charcoal, binders, chlorella/spirulina and vitamin C, minerals, electrolytes, all blend oils, as well as lecithin or phosphatidylcholine as part of the regime.

Adding clay where required, adds an anti-microbial component to this detox so that we are seeing parasitic releasing where you would not get it if just using charcoal. The Vitamin C is for cellular healing / collagen production and immune system functioning, and the Colonics (where indicated) are for greater and faster elimination for safer detox ability throughout the program which really helps those with impaired detoxification pathways. Our standard niacin and infra-red sauna protocol does not include colonics, but referral can be done for colonic hydrotherapy where required.

Why a Niacin Based Detox? Two words. Toxins and Fat. Based on the Biosphere 2 Studies, Dr. Yu, MD said, “We also noticed that for the average person now, they are doomed to having lots of chemicals inside their bodies, from 500 times up [compared to their blood level results]” – this means that when you get a toxicity test done on your blood, it might show that you’re fine but in reality the toxins in your fat will show that you are 500 times more toxic!

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So why Niacin? Niacin is Vitamin B3 and is created naturally in your body.  The purpose of the Niacin Detox is to take a high dose of Niacin paired with moderate to heavy exercise and sauna.   A lot of  people have issues with detoxification and especially if they have been diagnosed with MTHFR or other detoxifican SPS (single nucleotide poylmorhisms),  healing from mold, lyme, parasitic infections or SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

Niacin, exercise, sauna, and colonics where indicated in combination mobilizes and stimulates lipolysis (break down of fats).  As the fats break down, the toxins stored inside the fat are released into your blood stream and then can be removed. To aid in the removal of the toxins we use chlorella, activated charcoal, and other binders. To aid in the fat breakdown we use an All blend oil (ORGANIC FLAX, WALNUT AND OLIVE OIL) combined with lecithin granules, or phosphatidylcholine capsule tablets.

When you take a high enough dose of Niacin, it induces a flushing effect (vasodilation) that feels and looks like a sunburn. The flushing is desired, it can cause a lot of itching and in really chemically toxic cases, they might break out in bumps or a rash over certain areas but this does pass, usually with 10 – 45 minutes. The FDA level of Niacin is ridiculously understated. The body needs far more than the FDA recommended daily allowance of 20mg per day.


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There are two main ways to eliminate toxins excreted from niacin from your body:

Sweat – Sweating the toxins through the skin via exercise and sauna
G.I. Tract – Excreting them out the G.I. tract by binding them with substances like clay, charcoal and oils. It is useful to remove the toxins excreted through the GI is to do a colonic, or to use the binders, and oils that we provide during the detoxification program.
Our 5 consecutive day detox program kick-starts the detoxification process. The worst flush feeling and detox symptoms will be during the first 5 days. This 5 day detox will get you through the worst feelings associated with a powerful detox so that you can safely detox on your own after the first week.

After that first week one can continue daily niacin, exercise and sauna with daily binders, high electrolyte/mineral intake, for preferably 25 more days where possible. Re-evaluatuion then of the clinical situation will guide our physicians/practitioners as to how continue with a detoxification program. Dr George Yu protocol was for 30 consecutive days but it did not include the clay, vitamin c and colonics.  It all depends on what your body needs.

What Toxins are Removed?

  1. Heavy Metals: Mercury, Manganese, Lead, Aluminum etc
  2. Pharmaceutical Drugs: Pain Killers, Prozac, etc
  3. Other Drugs: Nicotine, Tobacco / Vaping Chemicals, LSD, heroin, marijuana, PCP, cocaine, alcohol
  4. Formaldehyde, chlorines, Harmful PCBs
  5. Food Preservatives
  6. Pesticides & Herbicides
  7. Anesthetics
  8. and a lot of others.

Is the Niacin Detox Safe? Niacin is something that you already create in your body.  It is converted from your amino acids, tryptophan.  When detoxing, most people use niacin above its RDA value and don’t experience any problems other than the flushing effect.  Since one can build up a tolerance to niacin, most people can start at 100 mg and slowly build up to taking even 3000 – 5000 mg per session. Frequently flushing is much less after the first week, if an extended program is undertaken. One  can slowly build a tolerance to niacin by increasing the niacin dosage by 100 mg to 200 mg per detox session.  In a shortened  5 day detox, at Dr Craige Golding Medical practice we suggest you do the following :

  • Day 1: 100 mg niacin capsules
  • Day 2: 200 mg niacin capsules
  • Day 3: 300 mg niacin capsules
  • Day 4: 400 mg niacin capsules
  • Day 5: 500 mg niacin capsules 
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If you feel that the flush is too strong for you, try lower amounts of 50mg and do 50mg increases. You may find after doing the 5 day detox with us, that you want to do a second week with colonics and or oral gastrointestinal detox….we use Emothion (Absorbable oral glutathione, chlorella, activated charcoal, and sometimes bentonite clay or zeolite.

The sauna we use at the practice is a wellness infra red light sauna imported from the USA. The infra-red sauna increases the body temperature and improves the detoxification via sweating through the skin in combination with all the added benefits of multicour light and crystals installed in the sauna.

Which binder to take? Activated Charcoal is the most popular among the main detox doctors. In an interview from Dr. George Yu, MD and Dr Joseph Mercola, DO, activated charcoal is extremely safe and effective in pulling and removing toxins from your G.I. tract. In fact, you can’t overdose on it. For ongoing detox and colon support which is needed for life, one can use chlorella, emothion (absorbable oral glutathione), activated charcoal or bentonite or blue clay (HealthyClay) in capsules which makes it super easy to take with you.

We also do extra plasma electrolytes and Vitamin C during the day, and make us of Phosphatidlycholine and an All blend oil to aid in toxin release and fat cell breakdown. Potassium and salt supplementation is also done due to the increased sweat loss in the sauna and loss of electrolytes during the sweating process.

Simple Overview of Daily Detox: Niacin

Flush Exercise (we have a treadmill for the exercise component before the sauna, which should ideally be done, or some form of exercise to cause dilation of one’s blood vessels) Sauna Shower is provided (in a private room with the Sauna machine. Absolute privacy is provided with the ability to allow you to do your niacin and infra red sauna and shower in absolute privacy on your own or with a friend, or family member.

Clay where used (1.5 to 2.5 hours after niacin) Colonic (Always after the niacin detox part and can be much later in the day) Magnesium Salt Soak (example Epsom salt baths) can also be entertained once at home after the niacin sauna is done (later in the day) / Bath Niacin Detox Program (Detailed):

Please Note: You might experience Your Flush Later when you’re in the Sauna

  • Drink plenty of fluids before and while doing the sauna. Need minerals to bind with toxins and to replenish what you loose in sweating. Drink Electrolytes IMMEDIATELY after sauna.
  • Take our chlorella, activated charcoal, emothion and/ or Healthy Clay 1 hour after sauna.
  • Shower: Rinse off sweat to prevent your skin from reabsorbing the toxins. For the best effects, cold shower is optimal, but don’t let that stop you. Hot or cold shower gets the toxins off the skin. Cold shower stimulates greater immune system response.

Clay mops up the toxins and has a rebound effect where 1.5 to 2.5 hours after taking you release more toxins.
Colonic first 5 days in a row after you sauna is an option and we can refer for colonic hydrotherapy in cases where it is deemed necessary.

You will be provided with electrolytes, salt, and potassium tablets during the sauna at the practice.

You MUST super hydrate since doing sauna.

Vitamin C in afternoon AFTER the sauna/colonic protocol, and in the evening in 1000 mg doses at a time 2-4 times per day for 2000 to 4000 mg per day during this cleanse.

You may be able to do higher amounts. As Andrew Saul says, “take enough C to be symptom free, whatever that may be”! Your body will let you know by giving you loose stools. That means increase time between doses or take less at a time 500 mg instead of 1000). Take Vitamin C depending on when you do your niacin/exercise/sauna/colonic.

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If doing niacin sauna part of protocol first thing in the day, then start the vitamin C 2 hours after your sauna.

If you do the protocol at the end of the day, then you will do your vitamin C intake first thing in morning up until 1 hour prior your niacin intake. (Niacin releases histamines and C is an anti- histamine.)

Minerals like calcium and magnesium will also be provided to take after the sauna is completed.

Vitamin D3 with K, at bedtime (suggested 5000 – 10000 IU) is suggested. It will help you sleep also.

Vitamin D is something you will not want to over dose on and good idea to have blood levels checked with one of our practitioners.

Food? This detox works wonders without changing your diet but NO ALCOHOL and NO COFFEE is suggested during the detox. Suggest “Clean Eating” with no processed foods. If you can, and if taking clay, wait one hour after taking clay to eat. You may have a smoothie or some fruit but no oils right before doing the niacin is recommended.

Some people get upset stomach on niacin so they can do a smoothie or something light, and need to individualize your food and schedule to make this detox work.

This detox is not about food. It’s about binding with chemicals and getting them out of the body using the supplements and detox modalities. Enjoy your meals during this detox.

We Offer all the Detox supplements and Niacin, vitamin C, Electrolytes and supplements .

The following conditions are contraindicated for the 5 day detox:

  • People that are PREGNANT
  • Narcotics and Anti-Anxiety Medications and those who have
  • GOUT

You will need to be OFF your Narcotic or Anti Anxiety Meds because the Niacin removes it and you may feel a withdrawal. It is better to come off those medications and then do the protocol.
Dr Golding and our practitioners can assist you withdraw medications where indicated.

This protocol has been documented to really help drug addicts, nicotine addicts and alcohol addicts as well. Ideally do not do the protocol while taking any drugs, including caffeine and cannabis. If you were to drink coffee with taking the niacin you would have a bad reaction.

Disclaimer: You may want to consult with your doctor : With any diet, exercise, or supplement change, you might want to consult your doctor first before attempting any detox to make sure it is right for you. Everyone is different. At Dr Craige Golding Medical practice we are very educated and experienced with detoxification and in particular the wonders of niacin and vitamin C.

Our wellness Infra-Red Sauna is hugely advantageous in improving deep detoxification and wellness.

We have been recommending sauna therapy for detoxification to many of our patients who have high levels of various chemicals found in their toxicity screening tests offered at The Dr Craige Golding medical practice, or metals results. The fundamental principle that governs detoxification is that heat liberates toxins from fats, which then gets flushed out by the sweat and carried off by the blood to the liver, kidney, and GI tract. The sauna detoxification protocol that follows is perhaps more reasonable for the average patient and is designed to maximize detoxification without causing undue stress to the patient. Sauna should be started after other metabolic supports have been implemented (such as those indicated by the results of the organic acid testing, oligoscan testing and nutrigenomic testing.

The Case for Sauna Therapy

The use of sauna for liberating toxins from the adipose tissue has been fairly well established as being effective for the treatment of toxicity for many years. The studies that I have read were all published before infrared technology existed. So, it is safe to say that sauna of any sort is likely to benefit patients with toxicity. Infrared technology claims that it is able to cause a more vigorous sweat at lower temperature, which may create a more comfortable experience for the user (less time needed and at a less high temperature). Infrared technology also claims that it can penetrate deep within the tissue for effective elimination. While visceral fat (the fat surrounding the organs) is certainly capable of housing toxins, it is the adipose tissue found in the subcutaneous layer that is viewed as the primary culprit for toxin accumulation. To reach the subcutaneous tissue, you simply need heat. Heat can be generated internally. Consequently, exercise is an excellent way to generate heat and burn the fat housing the toxin to begin with. Many patients are too sick to consider this as an option but patients who can tolerate exercise should be encouraged to do so. Better yet, do both exercise and sauna therapy. The fact that we have a heated infra-red sauna will also provide the necessary vasodilation that exercise does.

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Heat helps to destabilize lipophilic compounds just enough so that they can become mobilized by the fluids that are simultaneously released during heat exposure. Some compounds can be liberated directly into the sweat while others will be transported by the blood stream into the liver for metabolization and/or conjugation. The vasodilatation that is induced by heat exposure provides an increased blood flow to these organs. Nicotinic acid (niacin or niacinamide) can induce flushing in doses above 50 mg which will subsequently increase blood flow to the liver and kidney. It is often used as a part of detoxification protocol because of what is referred to as rebound lipolysis. High dose niacin is used therapeutically to inhibit free fatty acid release, decrease LDL, and increase HDL. This effect is soon compensated for and free fatty acids return to normal and in some cases above normal. The rebound effect varies from study to study but is generally considered mild. It is the release of free fatty acids that also causes the release of toxins in the body. Practitioners are hoping to achieve a greater degree of toxin release through this rebound effect that niacin can have about two hours after administration. In addition to the rebound lipolysis and vasodilatation, niacin also inhibits oxidation in the vasculature which is an important factor with detoxification. It is worth exercising caution with niacin in patients with diabetes, history of gout, on blood thinners, and who have MTHFR/methylation gene mutations. The rebound effect is associated with insulin resistance in many studies. Patients who are already diabetic tend to have the greatest difficulty with this. High dose niacin can also cause elevations in uric acid, increased prothrombin time, and decreased platelet counts. It can also cause stress to the methylation pathway because this compound requires methylation to be eliminated. In fact, there are documented cases of hyperhomocysteinemia occurring in patients taking 1000 mg of niacin per day, which is the standard dose for a flush. I typically only recommend niacin as part of the detoxification protocol in patients who have demonstrated their ability to tolerate it or who have minimal risk for methylation pathway disruption.


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Evidence in support of fiber and cholestyramine for binding bile acids.

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