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So often, conventionally, routine lab testings are reported normal and the person/patient still knows that there are underlying medical issues….symptoms may be related to gut issues, fatigue, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, mental health issues, sense of well-being, depleted energy, problems with weight and hormone imbalances and so on. With inetgrative and functional medicine we are more able to get to underlying causes of medical issues, and often functional lab testing is very useful in this regard.

Dr Craige Golding Medical practice now offers an array of functional lab tests to diagnose, with precision, the underlying causes that one needs to address for optimum health and longevity.

There is a new standard of care emerging in medicine, and recent science in molecular medicine has challenged the fatalistic approach to the mere management of disease with the pharmaco-therapeutic approach.

The predisposition model recognizes that we all inherit genetic vulnerability, but it incorporates unfolding evidence that environmental and nutritional factors interact with our genome to produce a unique phenotype and the eventual clinical outcome. In order to identify the causative determinants that must be addressed in clinical situations, an objective mechanism is required to explore those nutritional and toxicological factors that are contributing on a molecular basis to health outcomes. Accordingly, laboratory testing to evaluate biochemical, toxicological and nutritional status in individual patients is an absolute prerequisite in modern health care to adequately investigate and manage health problems, particularly in patients with complex problems

Some of the functional lab tests available at the practice include (current prices included) :

  • Urine Organic Acids (U-OAT) : R2 795.00
  • Urine Amino Acids (U-AAT) : R2 795.00
  • Combo U-OAT & U-AAT : R4 895.00
  • Dried Bloodspot (DBS) Amino Acid Test : R1 895.00
  • Combo U-OAT & DBS Amino Acids Test : R4 195.00
  • GI-MAP™ (DNA qPCR stool analysis) : R7 145.00
  • GI-MAP™ + Zonulin : R7 945.00
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test : R3 145.00
  • Oligoscan : R 850
  • Helicobacter pylori : R395
  • Nutrismart (food allergy/sensitivity testsing) : R 2500
  • Urine dipstix : R27
  • Salva ph : R 20
  • Saliva hormone testing : R600 approximately per hormone.
  • VIOME: R 3290 for test plus R 700 for test kit.
  • Extensive nutrigenomic and genetic testing : R4400
  • Bone density (cuba sonar) : R 365
  • DUTCH TEST (urine steroid metabolites) : cost (GBP 345)
  • TELOYEARS (telomere testing) : cost R3845
  • MYCOTOXIN urine testing (toxic mould exposure screening) : cost R9265
  • Heavy metal screening urine : post DMSA challenge/provocation : DMSA costs R90 for 600mg and R120 for 800mg, plus lab urine urine heavy metal cost.

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