Integrative tools for Prostate Protection

Prostate cancer, just as with breast cancer seems to be on the rise.

The following treatments I would suggest, amongst the alternative and integrative medicines available


I recommend the following protocol for the treatment and for complementing conventional treatment of prostate cancer :

 1.Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP): Take 5g twice daily.

Research has shown MCP to be very effective in the treatment of prostate cancer. It causes the prostate cancer cells to commit programmed cell suicide (apoptosis) and prevents them from spreading to other part of the body (metastasising).

2.Prostate Protection type formulas, with or shortly after meals.

Prostate protection formula contains all natural medicines, from herbal and vegetable extracts, scientifically found to provide protection from developing prostate cancer and aiding in its treatment. Prostate Protection Formula contains the following active ingredients:

  • Extracts from cruciferous vegetables (e.g. brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli) which facilitate excretion of cancer promoting toxins (hormone metabolites).
  • Antioxidants and herbal extracts contained in I3 Complex enhance immune function (thereby helping the immune system to identify and destroy cancer cells), decrease side effects of chemotherapy and inhibit the growth of cancer cells (Hu et al., 1997 ; Lockwood et al., 1995; Rusciani, 2007; Jancin, 2002; Gaby, 2011)
  • Other anti-prostate cancer nutrients

Your well being formulations ( contains :
i3C & DIM Complex 100mg Capsules (60)
Curcumin 500mg Capsules (60)

3.Conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA): Take 1 capsule (1g) 3 times daily, 30 minutes before meals

4.Beta-Sitosterol: Take 1 capsule twice daily

.Beta-sitosterol inhibits prostate cancer growth and triggers programmed prostate-cell suicide (apoptosis) in test-tube human prostate cells (in vitro) (Awad et al.2005). Research shows that supplementing with beta-sitosterol significantly improves urinary symptoms associated with prostate cancer. (Berges et al. 1995, 2000; Klippel et al. 1997; Wilt et al.1999; Lichtenstein & Deckelbaum, 2001)

5. Resveratrol : Take 1 capsule twice daily  (your well–being 500mg capsules)

Resveratrol inhibits prostate cancer growth and triggers programmed prostate-cell suicide (apoptosis). It also sensitises cancer cells to chemotherapeutic agents, making the chemotherapy more effective.

6.Melatonin: Take 4 tablets (12mg) at night

Clinical trails have shown that melatonin supplementation (10-50mg/ day in the evening) increased survival times, tumour response rates and quality of life in many types of cancer, including lung cancer (Lissoni et al. 1992).

Melatonin also increases the efficacy and reduces the toxicity of chemotherapy (Lissoni et al., 1995).

7.Vitamin D3: Take 50000 iu/week OR at least 4000 iu daily

(Studies show that with  Research also indicates that vitamin D has anti-tumour effects and decreases the incidence of multiple cancers (Gaby, 2011).

8.EGCG: Take 1 twice daily, after a meal

Research shows that EGCG (Green Tea Extract) has potent anti-cancer affects against prostate cancer cells (Bettuzzi et al. 2006; Jian et al. 2004; Jatoi et al. 2003).

If on Chemotherapy add the following to the regimen:

  • Glutamine: 9g (3 level scoops) 3 times a day for 4 days beginning 24 hours after the first chemotherapy treatment. Reduces the severity of chemotherapy side effects without interfering with the anticancer effects of the chemotherapy (Gaby, 2011)
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Take 1 capsule twice daily (1000mg/day) 30 minutes before meals. Acetyl-L-Carnitine decreases chemotherapy related fatigue (Cruciani et al., 2006; Gramignano et al., 2006; Graziano et al., 2002)

9. Lycopene from tomatoes, or eat cooked tomatoes 10. pomegranate juice

Always remember the possibility of IV and interstitial photodynamic therapy, which can be hugely effective therapies, offered at Dr Golding Medical practice.

Other Integrative treatments offered at Dr Craige Golding Medical practice include IV vit C, ozone, detox therapies and other Integrative medicine technologies.




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